Ghostek - Lethal Ballet

by Ghostek



This track is a part of a charity compilation "No Person Is An Island" by Fifth Wall Records. All tracks are available from here:

Every 60 seconds, a child dies from malaria. Brooklyn-based label Fifth Wall Records is proud to announce its first charity compilation, "No Person is an Island," with 100% of proceeds going to two nonprofit organizations dedicated to ending deaths caused by malaria: Malaria No More and Nothing But Nets.

Malaria No More works through a variety of methods, such as education, prevention, and treatment, while Nothing But Nets focuses solely on providing mosquito nets to families in need. For as little as $10 (the cost of the compilation), you can purchase a net for an entire family and save a life.

Many thanks to all our artists for donating their music and especially to our longtime mastering engineer, Michael Harms of MegaSonic, for mastering all of these incredible tunes free of charge.


1. Eomac - Geth
2. Alis - Formula
3. Tiltmode - Papa Shango
4. Ghostek - Lethal Ballet
5. Handsome Head - Tech. Fourth Period
6. Dualit - Dark Matter
7. Bleaching Agent - Prang
8. Divvorce - Ritmo Trak
9. Physical Therapy - Door Jammer
10. Hound Scales - Birtha
11. Metrist - Texaco Building Society
12. Clouds - Cybergrind Your Mind
13. Myler - Machine Elves




released March 17, 2014
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Ghostek Russian Federation

Mixing, Mastering, Ghost Prod, Instrumentals:

Other Heights// Shipwrec// DSC// Tamed Musiq//
Square Harmony// Loveless // Styrax// DPR//
Connaisseur// Origami Sound// March'85//
Sub Squared// Silk // Bad Panda// Mad Hop// Fifth Wall// Crackling Claps// Bad Life
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